By    :   Animonsta Studios
Genre    :   Superhero, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fiction
Target Audience    :   7 - 12 years old
Language    :   Bahasa Malaysia / English
Format    :   52 eps x 22 mins


Boboiboy the new kid in town, lives with his grandfather who makes a living by selling chocholate products on a mobile stall. Thanks to the popularity of Tok Aba's chocolate stall, Boboiboy has manage to make new friends with Gopal, Ying and Yaya. One day Boboiboy has found out that an alien names Adu Du is trying to steal Tok Aba's cocoa beans but Boboiboy has manages to stop him. It turns out that cocoa beans can be used as a powerful source of energy when liquified. This is very useful for the aliens since they are running fast out of energy disabling them from using their advanced technology. Furthermore the most powerful of all liquified cocoan beans is actually from Tok Aba's special hot chocolate drink due to a secret recipe that only he knows.

Knowing this Adu Du's Emperor has commanded him to steal Tok Aba's secret recipe which conflicts with Boboiboy and his friends who all love chocolate and hanging out at Tok Aba’s stall. To ensure the succes of this mission, the Emperor has sent super gadgets to Adu Du but it was accidentally found by Boboiboy and his friends transforming them into superheroes. Now Boboiboy is doing what every superkid would do, using his superpowers to have fun, make life easier and of course fight againts Adu Du who will do whatever it takes to get back the supergadgets and Tok Aba's secret recipe.



BoBoiBoy Season 1 Eps: 1

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